AVK 859系列控制阀可以在任何时候为系统提供最佳的压力和流量条件。无论供水管网如何变化,它们都能使系统保持一定的压力、流量或水位,从而有助于减少水资源损失,提高供水效率。

AVK859系列智能控制阀,配有ACMO PMD通信设备,是一种能够在智能压力管理系统中提供广泛控制应用的本地控制器。其特点是高度精确的控制和自适应PID,以适应多种不同的水力条件的阀门。ACMO PMD具有预先配置的液压控制功能和数据记录功能,使操作者能够预先设置流量和压力条件。该装置将与流量计通信,并随时根据流量调节压力。

目前已安装235 台859系列减压阀,为GWP节约水量为2800万立方米/年, 能耗(水厂&输配水)减少8~10%。该项目计划安装500台以上859系列减压阀,DN50-300 PN16,预期减少泵送水量5800万立方米/年,节省制水成本约640万美元/年。客户十分认可AVK集团及其859系列阀门的优势,AVK智能控制阀为管网带来最优和最具成本效益的压力控制,也将成为智慧管网的重要工具!

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AVK Wins An Impressive Order Based on A Product and Solution Package - Series 859 control valves optimizing pressure management of water distribution

It is well-known that one of the major factors that influence the leakage rate is a high pressure in the distribution system. Most pipe bursts occur not only because of high pressure but rather due to ongoing pressure fluctuations that force the pipe to continually expand and contract, resulting in stress on infrastructure. Therefore, it is critical to reduce to a low constant pressure in the system.

AVK control valves Series 859 are used to provide optimum pressure and flow conditions at any time. They maintain certain pressure, flow or level regardless of changes in the supply network, and therefore help reduce water losses and contribute to efficient water supply.

AVK valves are intelligent

The AVK control valve series 859 mounted with the ACMO PMD communication device is a local controller that can provide a wide range of control applications in a SMART pressure management system. The features are a highly accurate control and auto-adaptive PID in order to fit the valves for a multitude of different hydraulic conditions. The ACMO PMD is supplied with pre-configurable hydraulic control functions and data-logging features, that enable the operator to preset conditions for flow and pressure. The unit will communicate with flow meter and adjust the pressure according to flow regardless time of the day.

AVK are currently working together with Georgia Water and Power for the supply Series 859 control valves. The valves are to be installed as part of a leakage reduction initiative in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city. Following the initial technical discussions and benefits of S859 over other control valves in Tbilisi. Various trials were performed and videos and data logging results were provided to GWP to ensure the customer was fully satisfied with the specifications and operational performance.

After installation 235 Series 859 PRVs, GWP saved 28million cubic meters of water per year, Consumption of electricity for water treatment and distribution is reduced by 8-10%. Planned installation of more than 500 PRVs series 859, DN50-300 PN16 to reduce water loss, Expected reduction of pumped water is 58,000,000 m3 /year, the saving alone on producing this amount of water is nearly 6.4 million USD per year. AVK were awarded the contract for the supply of the control valves despite serious competition from cheaper competitors, but GWP were very clear their requirements were for high quality valves with excellent support and therefore acknowledged the benefits of using AVK and their Series 859 valves. AVK intelligent control valve has been a proven solution for reducing leakage and burst frequency, bringing optimal and cost effective pressure control to your network. It is also a vital tool for smart networks!

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